I had such a blast photographing for the three fun ladies who run the beverage company, Eslena. They started the company this past year after being unsatisfied with all of the sugary drink options out there. I love the energy and dedication they have towards wellness and their product! You can learn more about them here, elsena.com.Eslena_couple



I am so excited about this new vegan gastropub that my friends are opening in Austin, Texas. They are visionaries and have been dreaming about this combination of bar vegan food and craft beer for years. What’s even more impressive is the opening is happening within weeks of their beautiful son’s birth. It’s inspiring to watch them do so many big things with dedication, care and grace. Here are a few photos from my shoot with their talented chef, LU.



Thank you so much to Amplify Snack Brands and Skinny Pop for having me photograph their addicting popcorn. Food styling: Tina Bell Stamos, Location: Jenn Rose Smith, Art Direction: Joanie Cahill, Model: My-Cherie Haley