This feature I was tasked with photographing the best new restaurants in town. Having grown up in San Antonio I loved seeing how much it has grown and how amazing the food scene has become! I love San Antonio!!_96B7068_96B7069_96B7071_96B7072_96B7074_96B7080

So I’ve been playing around with food and songs for the past few months. Putting two of my biggest passions in one image to create lyrically inspired arrangements. Here is one I did a couple of nights ago using the lyrics from a song popularized by Jimmy Buffet. He sings about eating and drinking so much, I may have to do an entire Jimmy Buffet series! PinaColadas

One of my favorite clients is Camille Styles. There is no end to the amount of creativity and energy that she and her team share daily. I consider myself incredibly lucky anytime I’m able to contribute. This particular shoot was a lot of fun! The models are employees of By George but it seemed as if they had been modeling for years. We explored the visual treasure chest that is South Congress Avenue to show off this gorgeous Kimono sold at By George. I only wish I had one in my closet! You can view the entire feature on Camille’s site here: Camille Styles